Dozens Nonprofit Groups Voice Favoring Pregnant Schoolgirls In Tanzania

Education is the best shot for girls in their successes, echoed women’s group on Thursday in Dar es Salaam against the government’s ban on pregnant girls in state schools.

More than two dozen nonprofit groups released a joint statement saying if the girls are denied to get back to school after giving birth would mean punishing them, their younger ones and of course to the nation too.

Tanzania has a population of women and girls by 51 percent and motivation of the 29 groups is to help the girls with progress in their lives and opportunities.

The statement added education to the girls student benefits them economically and social as well.

Lately Tanzanian President John Magufuli said pregnant girls should not be allowed to sit in the classrooms even after giving birth to the child mocking that the young mothers need to be multitasking.

Magufuli added, “After calculating some few mathematics she’d be asking the teacher in the classroom ‘Let me go out and breastfeed my crying baby.'”

The government has also warned activists through home affairs minister to stop campaigning for the pregnant schoolgirls or else the group may be deregistered.

In 2015-16 survey it was found 21 percent of the schoolgirls aged between 15 and 19 had been pregnant in the country.

It is also true that Tanzania is among the highest teen pregnancy countries in the world.

Most of the adolescence girls in Tanzania are victims of rape, sexual violence and coercion. In past one decade more than 55,000 girls have been expelled from schools due to pregnancies.

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