‘Drug use must be proper’

Acting Director of Technical Medical Services of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), Dr Fikirini Nkwabi, has counselled health centres accredited to it to abide by the rules governing medicine prescription.

He said proper prescription of drugs will help its members reduce the effects which may arise from not only improper use of medicines but the consequences of wrong use of medicines.

“You must ensure that you prescribe to patients the right medicine according to disease instead of over supplying them with drugs. It is also not proper to prescribe medicines meant for critical stages to normal patients,” he cautioned.

He said that proper adherence to laid down rules and medical procedures will decrease the effects the members are facing for wrong recommendations of medicine.

Dr Nkwabi gave the advise here yesterday when presenting the NHIF May performance report for the fund stakeholders in Tanga Region.

He said it has come to their attention that some of the accredited health centres dispense medicines whose consumption rules patients cannot apprehend and sometimes prescribe medicines wrongly.

“You have to abide by the code of conduct you agreed to when you entered into service through contract with NHIF,” he said. He said the fund had tripled the number of its members from 164, 708 when formed in 2001/02 to 536,829 in 2012/13.

Source Tanzania Daily News

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