Colon Cancer

Eating Dried Plums Help Reduce Colon Cancer Risk: Research

If you have eating dried plums frequently here’s a good news of relief for you. A study finds you may have reduce risk of colon cancer.

The study was conducted by researchers from Texas A&M University and the University of North Carolina earlier. It reveals plums promote retention of beneficial gut bacteria in our body.

Experts say as the dried plums are rich in phenols, phenolic compounds, it promotes good bacteria in the gut and attacks the free radicals that causes cancer.

Phenolic compounds serve as antioxidants. It neutralizes the oxidant effect of free radicals that otherwise could damage the DNA.

Colon cancer is common in United Kingdom and every year about 16,000 people die due to the disease, reveals data of National Health Service.

NHS also adds around 40,000 new cases are diagnosed every year in the UK and 5 percent of the people is said to develop colon cancer during their lifetime.

Researchers say trillions of bacteria live in out intestinal tract and only about 400 individual species have been identified.

According to Dr Turner, the latest study has been done only on lab rats and so further research is required on humans as the result obtained so far from the experiment is exciting.

Dr Turner is a professor at the Texas A M University, College Station, Texas, US. She was one of the lead authors of the study.

Details of the study were recently presented at the Experimental Biology conference in Boston.