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Elections Not Possible Before April 2019: Congo’s Electoral Commission

Joseph Kabila has been continuously making use of all the efforts to postpone his stepping down from the chair of President of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Presidential election was scheduled to be held last year in November but it was failed even though there was wide protest by opposition claiming it to be unconstitutional.

Lately the electoral commission added fuel to fire saying election could not be possible at least before April 2019.

Following a meeting with the civil representatives the commission added at least 504 days is required to organize the presidential and other elections once voter registration is completed.

The enrollment process has already begun in the insurrection-ravaged Kasai region of the country from mid-September and it would take about three months to complete.

It is hoped the electoral commission may release the elections calendar later this month.

Meanwhile, the opposition has accused the president to attempt for clinging to power by postponing the elections so that he gets enough time to remove constitutional term limits and he can fight for the next election similar to what had happened in Congo Republic and Rwanda.

Kabila came to power after the assassination of his father Laurent Kabila in 2001. He claims the election delays are due to the difficulties faced in enrolling millions of voters. He also adds mobilizing hundreds of millions of dollars in financing is another reason too.

However, it is not to forget the country has never seen a peaceful transition of power.

More to all these, millions of people in the country have died out of disease and hunger between 1996 and 2003.

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