Facebook Launches Gameroom, A New Approach To PC Gaming

Remember the heyday of 2009 Facebook is trying to again gain back the same success in desktop gaming. Announcing new platform named Gameroom on Tuesday the social giant said it will be free from the distractions of News Feed.

It is to note here the social giant failed to impress in mobile gaming to Android and iOS platforms.

The Gameroom Windows desktop gaming platform will currently be made available in beta version for all developers. For all users the new platform is available for download on Windows 7 and up.

According to Facebook, the new platform to allow users play web, ported mobile as well as native Gameroom games in a dedicated PC app.

However, Gameroom need to combat with Valve’s Steam platform which is highly popular with more than 125 million active users and at any given moment millions of players can be found online.

It will be not-so-rosy path for Facebook and developers as well as users need to be convinced to make games and play respectively.

The social giant need to persuade developers about the sharing of games to its social network’s massive reach that would be worth the presence. Simultaneously users too are to be assured about a more social experience offering through the new platform.

It is said if the Gameroom succeeds as per the projections of Facebook, plenty of potential benefits could emerge to owning a gaming destination.

The 2009 heyday empire crumbled when users started ditching PC gaming for mobile games. This time the catch for Facebook is it is coming up with Gameroom as a PC app.

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