Female Robot Sophia

Female Robot Sophia Awarded Citizenship By Saudi Arabia

Soon a robot may become a citizen of your country, but it is yet not known how long government legalities will take to do so. But meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has come forward with such system now and has granted a citizenship to a robot.

Introduced at an investment conference in the capital city Riyadh, the female robot Sophia is now the first such citizen in Saudi Arabia, and probably in the world too.

Sophia robot is equipped with artificial intelligence and is a clear example of how the technology can make machines more human-like.

Journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin talked to Sophia as a part of a discussion amid huge crowd and informed about the Kingdom’s decision.

The female robot thanked to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after getting informed she has been awarded citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

She said, “I am very honored and proud for this unique distinction.”

Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics built Sophia and she looks very much like humans equipped with facial expressions and reciprocating non-verbally to sadness, anger and disappointment.

Sophia said she too has the same goal that man and machine will create a better future. She will use her artificial intelligence to make life better for humans like build better cities and design better homes.

Meanwhile, critics have come forward raising questions whether Sophia need to cover her face in public similar to other women abiding to the Kingdom’s rule as she is a female and officially a citizen of Saudi Arabia.

In recent months the Kingdom has made some changes in its policies for women like allowing them to drive cars and attend all-male sports event at stadiums.