Footballer, Ex-Model, Soft Drinks Tycoon In Liberia President Race

The first elected female leader of Africa is about to step down and with this the race for the post of Liberian president has started equipped with candidates having profiles like a football superstar, soft drinks millionaire and former warlord.

Array of potential candidates have lined up to replace Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in October when the country will go on poll.

Sirleaf has not announced any official successor even though she led the country unbrokenly for about a decade, two terms as per the Liberian constitution.

The long-run civil war in Liberia ended in 2003 and since then the country has been without any significant violence. Now the replacement need to prove same peace will continue for the citizens.

Raymond Gilpin and Dorina Bekoe of the Washington-based Africa Center for Strategic Studies meanwhile said it will be too early to name any frontrunner as the potential candidate need to prove that they can succeed in achieving the same peace in the country.

Meanwhile, eleven candidates have registered to try their luck in the October polls. The names are renowned in different fields including ex-model, career politicians, footballer George Weah and a central banker.

The current vice-president Joseph Boakai is also in the race, but only with tacit support.

The 72-year-old said he has tested the water and has a good chance of winning.

Boakai believes voters know he can make allowances to the ongoing problems and as the country has everything, only proper management is required.

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