Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe unable to walk for two months

Former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is in Singapore for past two months for medical reasons and lately it is revealed he is unable to walk.

The new President Emmerson Mnangagwa said Saturday in a first of a series Zanu PF rally at Murombedzi Growth Point in Mashonaland West province that the 94-year-old veteran leader has not been walking for past two months and he is in Asian island city for medical attention. The Zimbabwean government will be looking after him and he is expected back home by the end of December.

The president thanked voters for all the support to him and his party in the bitterly disputed July 30 elections.

Mugabe was the president of Zimbabwe for about 37 years since independence and last November suffered inglorious end to his reign. The army intervened amid pressure by allies and effectively placed him under house arrest. Zanu PF party then initiated impeachment proceedings. He had to resign out of pressure and Mnangagwa took over the power.

With his resignation Zimbabweans rejoiced calling it an end era after 37 years with the hope that the near-ruined economy of the country would now improve.

Mugabe’s resignation came as a letter that was read out in parliament by the speaker. It was shocking as he had resisted pressure to do so until now. He once had even said only God can remove him from the presidential chair.

In the letter the old man mentioned he is resigning to allow a peaceful and smooth transfer of power and it is his voluntary decision to do so.