General James Ajongo

General James Ajongo Appointed As New Army Chief Of South Sudan

Just one day after the sack of General Paul Malong from the designation of Army Chief, South Sudan President Salva Kiir appoints General James Ajongo as the next boss of army.

Sworning in as the new Army Chief, Ajongo said he will try to implement the security arrangements that was stipulated in the 2015 peace agreement to end the years of civil war in the country.

Ajongo added to be addressing the intentions of those armed groups who have been trying to topple Salva’s government since he became president in 2013.

The sworning ceremony was very private amid tight security and small audience in the Presidential Palace.

After the inauguration the new Army Chief briefed to the press saying, “It is a difficult task, given the fact the country is actually in conflict by itself, but making use of our good human resources of my colleagues behind here.”

South Sudan is under civil war for past more than three years following Kiir’s sworning in as president. Initially the conflict started in capital city Juba and quickly became deadly across the country.

In about a week 27 people have been and over 35 others wounded in deadly violence in Gogrial state. Eyewitnesses said some people from the Aguok and Apuk communities clashed with each other over shared border.

The country is also suffering from a famine, hyperinflation, and a loss of basic services due to the deadly civil war for years. Until now about three million people have fled their homes and many have left the country too.

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