Ghanian Government Explains Action Taken Against Local Radio Stations

A lot of emotions can currently be seen in Ghana amid radio listeners after the Minister for Communications issued a statement on the positive action taken by the National Communications Authority (NCA) against 131 local radio stations for not applying for renew of their licenses.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) had earlier looked for countering the statement to condemn NCA’s action.

Meanwhile, Communications Minister Ursula Owusu-Ekuful said about four hundred other radio stations have not been affected as they had complied with the law.

She has also been wondering why the NDC members in Ghanian parliament had been accusing the move of NCA.

The Electronic Communications Act 2008 (Act 775) mandates NCA to regulate the radio spectrum and its role has been clearly spelt in it, said Owusu-Ekuful.

She added, “NCA is the legal custodian of Ghana’s spectrum resources and grants authorization to entities to use the spectrum.”

The minister further continued that NCA had not arbitrarily set the fines and its decisions were based on the law that was passed by the parliament.

The previous NCA Boards and Directors-General failed to enforce the rules and this does not mean to belief the rule of laws would not apply.

She mentioned the petitions of radio stations would be looked at and those who are not satisfied can again petition her office for consideration.

The minority members are also seeking identities of those who would be allocated the spectrum in case the listed 131 radio stations were revoked.