Government Bans Weekly Tabloid Mwanahalisi

The John Magufuli government cracked down on media once again and banned weekly tabloid Mwanahalisi for two years citing the publication failed to adhere to professionalism.

On Monday Mwanahalisi published an article titled Tumuombee nani, Magufuli au Tundu Lissu? that literally means in English as “Whom should we pray for Magufuli or Tundu Lissu?”

According to Director General of Information Services and the Chief Government Spokesperson, Hassan Abbas, the publication had no strong arguments to defend themselves when asked about the published story that violated journalism in the country.

Tunud Lissu is an opposition Member of Parliament and recently was shot in capital Dodoma that resulted with injuries.

Talking to the media in commercial capital Dar es Salam the spokesperson added that earlier too the publication had violated the ethical attitude and published stories which didn’t abide professionalism.

The management was contacted and warned then on several occasions but nothing was taken seriously.

Earlier this year on January 30 the publication carried a story titled “Ufisadi ndani ya Ofisi ya JPM” and in English it is literally translated as Corruption within JPM office.

The acronym JPM is used for the President – John Pombe Magufuli. However, the story was not about Magufuli, but about Kibaha education institution.

Abbas mentioned the ban is in accordance with section 12 of the new Information Services Act.

In 2012 too the government tried shutting down the tabloid but the court ruled it as illegal.

Mawio, another publication of the same Mwanahalisi was earlier banned.

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