Gunmen Kills 8 Security Personnel In Coastal City Of Eastern Tanzania, Kibiti

Eight police officers have been killed in eastern part of Tanzania Thursday night by few gunmen, said the presidency on Friday.

In a released statement the presidency added Tanzania President John Magufuli is sorry to know the death of officers and this is the latest in a string of killings that targeted police and politicians.

The incidence was in the eastern region of Kibiti while the policemen were returning from patrol and the assailants shot randomly at the vehicle before fleeing into a nearby forest.

The killed police officers were deployed south of Dar es Salaam to pacify the region.

Since October 2016 nine officials belonging to ruling party have been killed in Kibiti and Rufiji districts.

Meanwhile, another attack was reported in March in the same area that killed three police officers.

Fear has been spread in the region after repeated attacks on security officers. The killings as well as the motive are still uncertain and the assailants have not yet been identified.

It is learned the assailant uses motorcycle taxis to escape after the attacks.

The president has condemned the attack and called for cooperation of all the citizens to bring to end such violence.

Since winning the presidential election and coming to power in October 2015 the president had been campaigning on anti-corruption platform. He has taken several major related steps too including barring the ministers to make unnecessary foreign tips on tax payers money and cleaning the streets on his birthday to convey the message to keep the country neat and clean.

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