Half Dozen Killed In Mozambique Violence, Renamo Rebels Blamed

Maputo, Mozambique – At least half dozen people have been killed in Mozambique on Monday in an attack by Renamo rebels.

There have been series of similar violence between the government forces and opposition fighters.

Two survivors said the attack was conducted by government forces, but the police said rebels staged it.

Police spokesperson Daniel Macuacua said a vehicle was ambushed of Friday by armed men from Renamo by firing at it until it caught fire. In the incident six people were dead and several others were injured. All the victims were civilians.

Independent television channel STV cited two anonymous survivors reporting the government troops were behind the latest attack.

One of the survivors said police has stopped them and checked their identities. Two were Bangladeshis and eight others were farm produce sellers. Following the check all were taken to the forest.

The Bangladesh origin said the Mozambicans were shot down in the forest and he was grabbed by the coat. However, he managed escaping the place.

Renamo refused to accept the 2014 election results that declare Frelimo party as winner and form government once again.

Mozambique gained independence 40 years ago and since then the Frelimo party has been ruling the country amid sixteen years of civil war that ended in 1992.

Tensions in Mozambique have reignited in 2013 and since then Renamo fighters have taken up arms against the Frelimo.

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