How healthy diet beverages helps in weight loss

How healthy diet beverages helps in weight loss

As the general population ages, health and wellness become more critical factors. One top concern in this arena is weight loss, and many companies are rushing to provide beverage alternatives that support weight loss, supply increased energy, are cost-efficient, and that taste good. Weight loss beverages such as Glaceau Vitamin Water, energy drinks, and Starbuck’s blended drinks are easily available in retail outlets. But for those dieters who are looking for a beverage with:

the availability of tap water
the flavor of old fashioned lemonade
the energy boost of a Starbuck’s double latte (with no caffeine jitters)
the convenience of bottled water
a price tag less than diet soft drinks

How Does the Weight Loss Drink Work?

Arbonne’s Citrus Surge diet beverage is an effervescent tablet that you add to a glass or bottle of water. After dissolving for approximately five minutes, the weight loss beverage tastes like carbonated lemonade and can be served refrigerated or over ice. The company’s promotional information states that the diet soft drink uses a proprietary blend of herbs to accomplish three goals:

Weight Loss
Metabolism Boost
Increased Energy

The herbal blend contains green tea extract, panax ginseng, taurine, and guarana extract, with each herb included for a specific purpose.

The green tea extract promotes fat oxidation, has strong antioxidant properties and most importantly, assists in thermogenesis, the process where the body generates energy as heat, by increasing the metabolic rate.

The panax ginseng is an herb known to stimulate skin surface circulation, and when incorporated in this diet energy drink, it acts as a tonic to increase your capacity to work, to concentrate, and to counteract fatigue.

The guarana extract comes from the berries of the South American guarana shrub, which have properties very similar to caffeine, but with a more subtle, longer lasting release. In Arbonne’s Citrus Surge diet soft drink, the guaurana extract acts to boost energy levels with a long, even release, as opposed to the sharp jolt with accompanying jittery nausea that many soda pops, coffee beverages and canned energy drinks give.