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Ilboru High School Student Gracious Ephraim Builds Solar-Powered Robot

A solar-powered robot has been built by a high school student in the country and it is claimed the robotic device can turn its head, can walk, can speak and also is capable of performing other functions.

Form six student of Ilboru High School in Arusha city, Gracious Ephraim, has built the solar robot with aluminium box, metal pieces, wires, tin containers, memory chip and other local materials.

A local newspaper reports building such robot has cost the student 200,000 Shillings, which is about $89. He took a 12-month span of time to complete the device powered by solar energy.

Daily News further reported the student self-financed the robot and a memory chip is used as the brain of it. The chip contains recorded voice notes that works as replying for the device when questions and also to sing songs.

The student said his next innovation is to make such robot that can solve problems.

He added for many years Tanzanian science student has not invented anything and has only focused on finding a job after completing their studies.

Ephraim further continued saying, “Tanzania aims at industrialization, which means factories and other production lines must work 24 hours. But, humans cannot work around the clock, so I envisage to have robots working at night and people during the day. This will also reduce the cost of paying workers overtime.”

Robotics program started earlier this year in the country and it is benefting the students in their learning process. It is organized by E3-Empower Africa, which is an organization from Korea.

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