Reason for switching-off the electronic devices during take-off

Why is it Important to Turn Electronics Off On Airplanes?

Please turn off the electronic devices for take-off! If this line puts you off before take-off then this article is for you. All airlines follow this rule uniformly and it is global norm to switch-off the electronic devices including mobile phones during take-off. Mobile phones are not even allowed in flight mode as there are chances of network interference. None of the electronics devices are allowed until the plane reaches 3,000m or 10,000ft height. Music players and laptops are allowed after reaching this height. Mobile phones are allowed only in flight mode even beyond this height.

Most of the passengers adhere to this rule without creating any fuss about it, but there are few who question this! Some would also protest against this rule, while some others would secretly keep their mobile on. Whatever kind of passenger you are, it is important that you know the reason behind this rule and the problems created because of non-adherence.

Reason for switching-off the electronic devices during take-off

Why is it Important to Turn Electronics Off On Airplanes

It is good to follow the rules set up for the safety, however, not everyone would understand this. Electronic devices must be turned off at the time of take-off and this is a global norm. Electronic devices are now equipped with the wireless connectivity to stay connected with the world through radio waves. When you keep these devices on, they keep on emitting radio waves to search for the connectivity. This is the main cause of Electromagnetic Interference that is suspected to occur if the devices stay on.

Not all devices emit radio waves at same frequency, but it is difficult to check each and every device before taking off. The electromagnetic interference that can be caused by the mobile phones, tablets, and other such devices can affect the radio connectivity of the plane to the ground. Collision avoidance technology and radar can also be affected because of this interference.

If the device is old or damaged, then the radio waves emission would be higher. Studies also suggest that multiple devices working at the same time on the flight would emit a big set of waves having higher chances of interference. Keeping this in mind, all types of electronics are required to be switched off at the time of take-off. Switching off the device for a few minutes for take-off and landing is not at all a difficult task, yet many people don’t do it just because they don’t believe that a simple device can cause a major problem.

You shouldn’t really be too concerned about not having entertainment during take-off. Airlines like Emirates UK can provide plenty of on-board entertainment once the airplane is in the air, as well as pre-flight luxuries, and the few minutes won’t hurt your enjoyment – especially if you purchased a cheap ticket to fly off somewhere nice!

Why there is interference?

Radio waves from the mobile phone search for a network tower and would get connected on finding one. When mobile phones and other devices are used at home or any other place, it founds network tower immediately and gets connected. Once this connection is established, you will be able to make calls from the mobile. All other functions like messaging and chatting would start when the phone is connected to the tower.

Now think of the situation when you are flying and have not yet reached the height of 3000m. In this case, when you switch on your mobile phone it emits radio waves to search for the network tower. Being on the top, the mobile would find multiple network towers in range. All these towers are ready to connect with mobile phone. The confusion starts at this point. Mobile phone would now try to end up this confusion by making the radio waves stronger to hook to just one network tower. This would create the problem. Stronger radio waves from multiple devices would lead to airplane communication interference, which would be a huge safety compromise.

Whether you should follow this rule?

Now, this is important! Many passengers don’t follow rules just because they feel being controlled, but when the control is established for the sake of several lives, it is worth following! One mobile phone may not interrupt the communication much but what would happen if every passenger thinks the same way? Many airlines have also tried allowing the mobile phones with inflight Wi-Fi. However, this has proven to be quite an expensive choice as it requires expensive technology setup to offer safety and convenience at the same time.

So, if you have been thinking of going against the flow and keep your mobile switched on in the flight then it is time to reconsider your wish. By keeping your mobile up, you will either be compromising the safety of fellow passengers or you would be compelling the airlines to go for advanced technology, which would increase your cost of travelling. You may better avoid all these by just switching off the mobile phone and other electronics as directed by the flight attendant and enjoy thrilling but safe flying experience. It is always good to relax while travelling to reach your destination charged up!

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