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Ivory Coast Soldiers End Mutiny, Makes New Pay Deal With Government

The world’s top cocoa producer, Ivory Coast, has returned to normalcy after the Renegade troops accepted government’s new proposal on bonuses and ended their mutiny.

The earlier offer by President Alassane Ouattaara was rejected by the soldiers and they left their barracks resulting with closure of businesses, shutting down of major roads and also threatened the government years of economic progress.

However, the uprising has exposed the tenuous grip of Ouattara on army.

Most of the soldiers are former rebels who had helped Ouattara in coming to power. The country is now transformed into one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

The nation-wide mutiny led to criticism of government by the civilians as something should have been done to avoid the situation and people would not have been killed and wounded.

According to analysts, the short-lived mutiny has threatened the economic progress since the civil was that started in 2011.

In the new deal the government has accepted to pay immediately an amount of $8,400 to each soldier and in the next month another 2 million CFA francs.

Earlier this year in January too the government had paid 5 million CFA francs to end the uprising, but failed to pay the remaining amount that was promised.

Briefing to the meeting in Abidjan the government spokesman said the deal has been agreed and the country would continue its post-war rise.

Bruno Kone further added, “The Ivorian economy is strong and can overcome the current difficulties that we are currently experiencing today. For me, this is not something that should discourage serious investors.”

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