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Joblessness On Rise In Namibia: Report

Last year the unemployment count dropped to 135,800 in Namibia compared to the total figure of 206,000 in 2014, which is a fall of 6 percent.

A report from Namibia Labour Force Survey reveals that in 2016 there were more unemployment youths in sectors like forestry, agriculture and fisheries.

Statistician general Alex Shimuafeni in Windhoek said the unemployment rates of youths increased by 4.5 percentage points during the period from 39 percent in 2014.

Over 246,000 youths were unemployed out of 570,000 in labor sector last year and in terms of ratio 140,000 women were out of job compared to 105,000 males.

It is further learned the jobless rates of youths were comparatively more in all the fourteen regions from the national unemployment rate of 34 percent except in Erongo where the rate was 26.3 percent, in //Karas it was 30.9 percent, Kunene 83.2 percent, Zambezi 80.2 percent and Omaheke 32.8 percent.

The report adds over 206,000 people were employed in forestry, fisheries and agriculture sectors in 2014 while in 2016 the figure stood just 135,000.

The overall joblessness in the country dropped by over 32,000. In 2014 the number of people employed in the country was 709,000 while in 2016 the figure was 677,000.

The retail segment too saw decline in the employment rate in 2016 and the sector shed about 97,000 jobs in 2014 and 65,000 in 2016.

In 2014 the number of jobs in public administration, defence and compulsory social security were 42,000 while last year it dropped to 30,000.

In the education sector 41,470 people were employed in 2014 and last year the figure was slashed down to 41,422.

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