UNDP Head Awa Debo

John Magufuli Expels UNDP Head Awa Debo For Bad Relation With Colleagues

Head of the United Nations Development Programme in Tanzania has been expelled by the government citing her poor relations with colleagues resulting with less efficiency in providing adequate services.

A press statement released by the Foreign Ministry revealed Ms. Awa Dabo’s bad relations with colleagues have hampered the activities of UNDP in Tanzania.

The ministry further added to be asking the institution to remind its staff to work with the government in achieving development objectives.

Meanwhile, UNDP spokesperson has confirmed Dabo has been escorted out of the country and Tanzanian government is being contacted in the matter and on all issues.

A source said the expulsion is alleged to be linked with her criticism of Zanzibar elections in March last year.

The Zanzibar election was a rerun of 2015’s presidential elections in Tanzania that was won by the current president John Magufuli.

The poll in the semi-autonomous archipelago was however annulled by the electoral commission alleging electoral fraud saying the election was not free and fair and some of the electoral commissioners had been partisan in some of the areas as number of cast votes exceeded registered voters count.

The opposition boycotted the rerun as they had won it in the region.

The rerun was also criticized by international observers including African Union and European Union saying democracy would be undermined along with peace and purity in the island.

John Magufuli is in power since October 2015 and has been nicknamed as Bulldozer due to his bold decisions in fighting against corruption in the country.

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