John Magufuli Positioned High In Battling Against Corruption

The anti-corruption conference in London has ended and President John Magufuli is positioned at the forefront in the battle in his just five months in office.

Within few months after taking the office he has earned himself enough credibility and acclaim in Tanzania and also outside the country for his fight against corruption.

Tanzania is ranked in the top 20 worst corrupt countries in Africa and also emerged to be at 117th in Transparency International’s 2015 Corruption Index.

Immediately after assuming office in November 2015 he fired six senior officials from the Revenue Authority of the country and that included the Commissioner General Rashid Bade too.

He later fired long-serving director general of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) Edward Hoseah.

Director general of the Tanzania Ports Authority, Ephraim Mgawe, was suspended too by the new president.

After his sworning-in ceremony Magufuli said, “I’m telling government officers who are lazy and negligent to be prepared. They were tolerated for a long time. This is the end.”

He slashed down the cabinet posts too from 30 to 19. Several ministries were merged. He even banned inessential foreign travel for politicians and banned the Independence Day celebrations too favoring street cleaning campaign.

Last month he drove to Rwanda to avoid flight costs. He said have turned down several invitations from the west to attend various conferences.

According to an estimate of the African Union about $50 billion has been lost to corruption each year across Africa.

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