John Magufuli

John Magufuli Talks About Repossessing Unused Land

President John Magufuli announced Tuesday to be repossessing idle land to make it useful for those who need it and use it for several purposes including farming.

Addressing to a public meeting in Tanga region the president said the land would be distributed after repossess to those individual who really need it and can use it.

He added there are 72 such estates which are not in use for years and he has revoked five of such ownership with a total of 14,000 acres.

Magufuli addressed several meetings in Korogwe, Muheza and Handeni districts. He arrived by road to speak out to the public gathering. He may also officiate laying of the foundation stone of 1,400km Hoima-Tanga oil pipeline which is being constructed with the help of Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni.

The president confirmed land disputes will be solved in the region as such issues had always been a contentious matter.

He said, “The commissioner for lands has already issued notice to 12 owners, I’m waiting for the minister to present the files to me and I will not hesitate to revoke their ownership.”

Magufuli points out that many poor people in Tanzania have been struggling for farming land and amid such situation the estate owners have used the deeds to get loans from foreign as well as local banks, and has also run other businesses on those.

Meanwhile, Tanga Regional Commissioner Martine Shigela said they have plans to offer 3 acres of land per person and the president assured to be approving the recommendations.

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