Judge Ask For Mutual Agreement Resulting From Meditation

How can a court case be solved with medication? If taken a look at the Mwananchi Comminications Limited (MCL) and one Winfrida Igogo, the statement may turn true.

On October 13, about eleven days from now, it was consented before Judge R.A. Teemba to solve Case No. 199 of 2016 through meditation at the Dar es Salaam Mediation Centre of the High Court of Tanzania.

The case started with just an ordinary complaint by Windrida Igogo against MCL-publishers of Mwananchi, The Citizen and MwanaSpoti newspapers.

The 56-year-old complained about her name used as source information several time in one of the articles published in Mwananchi last year on September 10, Thursday.

Igogo denied of had then given any such interview to any journalist either from Mwananchi or any other media house on Procurement and Supplies Professionals and Technicians Board (PSPTB) of her employer’s institution or about any other institutions which are mentioned in the article.

An investigation from the end of Public Editor’s Desk found face-to-face interviews were conducted between the complainant and author of the disputed article.

However, at a later stage it was also updated the author of the article admitted to have interviewed one of the directors at PSPTB and not Igogo and the interviewee asked him to mention name of the lady as source information.

With this the confusion was clear author had acted in disregard and his act was breach of code of conduct in the country.

The judge finally said the two parties to go for mutual agreement resulting from meditation.

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