Kenya Launches National Counter-Violent Extremism Strategy To Combat Terror Attacks

Kenya is now all prepared to combat extremism in the country. President Uhuru Kenyatta launched today National Counter-Violent Extremism Strategy saying several approaches would be used in the fight such as rehabilitation and disengagement of returning foreign terrorist fighters.

Kenyatta added after the 2014 government amnesty pioneered by Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery the disengagement from terror group Al-Shabaab was seen sharply accelerated.

He mentioned the National Counter-Terrorism Centre Director Martin Kimani would be the special envoy to the new strategy.

The president further said the new strategy would mainly be looking at the coordination process of managing the returnees to Kenya and effort results too would be regularly reported to the top leaders.

He said, “They impose a state of terror on populations within their control, and even reinstituting the evil practice of enslavement in the 21st century.”

Over the years terror groups have committed several serious atrocities and in most parts of the world they have murdered many innocent people.

Kenya is one of the hard hit countries in the world by terrorists. Properties worth millions of shillings have been damaged in past several years apart from the loss of many lives.

Kenyatta said the newly launched strategy is a part of the prevention efforts of Kenya against terrorism. It has been developed based on consultative process involving government agencies, religious leaders, private sector, regional partners, international partners, country governments, researchers and civil society of course.

One of the earliest major attacks was in year 1975 in capital Nairobi. Many innocent people were killed in serious of blasts in February and March.

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