Kenya Ranks 4th In African Tweeting State: Research

Kenya – A new data reveals Kenya is the fourth most tweeting country in Africa with 76 million geolocated tweets.

Egypt topped the list in the continent with 450 million tweets followed by Nigeria and South Africa with 350 million and 325 million geolocated tweets. The fifth in the list is Ghana at 65 million geolocated tweets.

Portlands partner for Content and Digital Strategy Mark Flanagan said in 2015 there were 1.6 billion geolocated tweets in the continent which was a 34-fold increase from their earlier survey in 2012.

The research company adds one of the most widely shared hashtags were #Kenya.

Apart from this, the #SomeoneTellCNN was also popular as people expressed anger at the CNN media house commenting United States President Barack Obama was visiting hotbed of terror in 2015. However, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta expressed disappointment via his remark on #UhuruTellsCNN.

Meanwhle, the report of Portlands Communications read, “The hashtag trended in one in four African countries and mentions of the country centered around its place as a tech and media hub of the continent.”

The country was also named as tech hub of Africa.

Kenya currently has 40 percent unemployment rate.

The report added further Twitter is helping in bridging the national and cultural barriers in Africa as English is the dominant language on the social platform.

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