Kenyan Doctors End Strike But Long Path To Walk For Good Healthcare

The 100-day strike has ended. Doctors in Kenya are now back to work, but question has been raised what are the long-term implications of it on the creaking health service of the country.

The strike started with demands to implement a collective bargaining agreement by the government that was signed in 2013 and it ended after more than three months with negotiation reached on salary hike of between 40 and 50 percent and no victimization of those who were on strike.

The good salary hike is an achievement for the trade union there and so the doctors have returned to work.

However, the health facilities have not changed. It is same with long queues, insufficient supplies and lack of specialists in peripheral facilities. Also, preventable deaths are still a reality in Kenya.

Critics say the health agenda should have been the focus of debate. It should be to push for quality health care as well as to make sure colossal health bills not to cripple the country further.

The end of strike should be promising to offer better healthcare to the people and to avoid such strike again in future.

It is now a mixed fortune for the Kenyans even though the strike has ended. If the agreement between doctors and government is implemented perfectly, it will be a good foundation towards improved healthcare.

If the deal fails to work accordingly, lack of a good will strain the relationship of employers with the union.

In very near future both the parties have the opportunity to boost the healthcare system in Kenya.

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