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Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Talks Improving Ties With China

Kenyan President UhuruKenyatta said will be working on better bilateral relation with China on African integration. He is on a Beijing trip to discuss how the goods manufactured in the country could be expected in more quantity.

Briefing to the press ahead of setting foot off Kenya he said to be focusing on deeper partnership with the Chinese market.

He added the top most priority of his visit is to seek the Standard Gauge Railway extends beyond Naivasha to Kisumu and also to the interlands in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. This will help in opening up the potentiality of Africa.

The president added, “We will try to push for more African goods into the Chinese market so that we can have an opportunity for both of us to benefit.”

Kenyatta had earlier said he is seeking for the help of China in completing the Standard Gauge Railway beyond Kenyan borders and help in boosting up a transport network within Africa.

He continued that the Standard Gauge will not be just the railway of Kenya, but it will be called the African railway.

Kenyatta came to power in 2013 and since then he has talked about Kenyan railway and considered it as his pet project.

His first trip to the Chinese capital was in August 2013 and managed to secure a $5 billion investment pledge including a loan deal for the railway. In 2014 the financing was documented when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Nairobi.

In his latest visit the president will first attend a conference on Somalia in London and thereafter to China.

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