Kenyan President

Kenyan President Vows To Flush Out Terrorists

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta vowed Thursday to be flushing out terrorists from the country who have been responsible for loss of innocent lives and attempted to create hatred, division and fear among the people.

Citing unity among the people in Kenya the president added they will win war against terrorism as they have right as well as might on their side.

Kenyatta praised Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) too for their efforts and commitment in fighting against terrorism as well as for ensuring people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds work together in harmony.

Presiding over the KDF officer cadets’ commissioning parade he urged all the countrymen to be alive as just military cannot win over terrorism even with all their efforts to keep Kenya safe.

At the Kenya Military Academy at Lanet in Nakuru County he said the prosperity of the people depends on the visibility of sound economy development policies, good governance, security and peace in the country.

Since 2011 the Kenyan military are fighting against militia group in southern Somalia by being under the Africa Union peacekeeping mission (AMISOM).

Kenya shares border with lawless Somalia and security it is the main focus for the Kenyan soldiers and so fight against the insurgents on the other side has been intensified lately.

In recent years insurgency in Kenya has increased and attacks with bomb and improvised explosive devices have been on the rise. People are facing insecurity and mostly in the coastal city of Mombasa and northeastern region.

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