Kilimanjaro Deforestation A Serious Issue, Minister Urges Strict Action

Kilimanjaro: Tree cutting is going to be stricter than before in the Kilimanjaro region as a good boost has been lately seen in the campaign against deforestation.

Dr Binilith Mahenge, Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Environment), has urged to the law enforcers not to be liberal in the matter. He also called up other regions to emulate the mountainous forest area.

The statement of Mahenge comes after the decision of Kilimanjaro Regional Secretariat and Regional Consultative Committee (RCC) was taken to revoke the tree cutting permits.

Appreciating the new decision saying he is happy with it, Mahenge also called up the stakeholders to support the initiative and restore the lost ecology with programs like tree planting.

He added if deforestation continues, Mount Kilimanjaro will lose the snow at its peak and there will be decrease in water supply that the region need and thereafter surviving will become difficult.

More than 1.5 million nearby people rely on the mountain’s resources such as water and agriculture for most of the year and degradation will see decrease in tourists and cut in employments. There has been some significant loses too due to deforestation and those are like biodiversity loss, desertification and climate change.

The mountain region is good for agriculture due to the fertile volcanic soil.

Mahenge also ordered the regional authorities to emphasize more on tree-planting exercises and restrict people from cutting trees in the region.

He urged to Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) as well as to its subsidiary Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA) to safeguard the natural resources in the region.

Meanwhile, the Kilimanjaro RCC has been taking up steps against tree cutting and also the use of chainsaws has been banned in the fields.

District environmental committee is also assigned to review situations of cutting trees for rational reason by going to the site.

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