Do You Know Where the Women in Kenya Take the Half Part of Their Money?

Do You Know Where the Women in Kenya Take the Half Part of Their Money?

During the time, when men spend their money for games, women do not also lose their chance to waste money. But where do they prefer to spend the time?

In accordance with Tuko, the poll, which was held several weeks ago by Geopoll has shown that young people waste their money on inefficient things and activities. Moreover, they can bite the youth in the future.

The special spending habit has the young women, who have been employed. It is known that more than fifty percent of their money is being spent monthly for unnecessary things. For instance, the great part of women enjoys to buy products for make-up, expensive clothes and the most popular way of spending the income is to visit procedures for the body, such as SPA.

No one will deny, that the men are not the good example as well. They waste the significant part of their money for gambling or try to find the other expensive ways to entertain the life.

The people with the age from 18 to 35 years old from more than 5 countries, were the members of this poll.

It was unexpected to find out that only 30 percent of the salary, young people save for their future life, for example for education. This seems to suggest that after an ordinary school studying, they may be down to zero again.

Moreover, the other statistic shows that many girls, who spend their money for makeup products and beauty, become unemployed in the future and dependable on their parent’s salary.

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