Kyela District In Tanzania Hit By Worst Flood In Two Decades; Two Dead, Schools Closed

Schools in the Kyela district are flooded with water following heavy downpour for past one week and hence forced to be shut down.

Hundreds of people have been displaced in the district bordering Malawi and two are reported to have been killed. At least 6,000 school students are affected.

Kyela District Commissioner Thea Ntala said the transport for school children have also been disrupted as bridges and roads have been swept away or blocked.

The DC added the entire district is in water and people are unable to move from houses. There are no economic activities too and transport between key towns has also been cut off.

Kyela district is known for growing palm oil, higher quality of rice and organic cocoa in the country.

Ntala said as most of the rice fields are destroyed due to heavy floods and ongoing rains, the district may plunge into hunger. She also appealed to the well-wishers as well as to the national government to support the people of flood hit areas with humanitarian aids.

The flood has been defined as the worst one since 1998.

Ntala is chairperson of Kyela disaster committee.

Kyela District Council chairman Hunter Mwakifuna described the flood as big impact.

He said, “In some areas we visited we found that flood victims are in dire need of relief food, medicine and clean and safe water.”

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