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Lagos Government Denies Officials Involved In Demolition Of Sabo Market

Once again the Lagos government has confirmed its officials were in no way involved in the Sabo market demolition on Itoikin road in Ikorodu in the state.

Armed police officers started the demolition work on Thursday night and goods worth millions of naira were lost.

Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Steve Ayorinde, said the next day the Sabo market demolition was conducted by “unscrupulous and desperate” developers who are now being suspected to be acting with the help of some local government officials.

Meanwhile, traders of the market said a notice of demolition was served to them about two weeks ago.

Ayorinde too confirmed the state government was not involved in the act as it cannot do independently without following due process.

In a released statement he added, “The State Government’s preliminary investigation revealed that the market was demolished by some private developers, in connivance with some local government officers and a certain uniformed personnel who acted beyond their brief.”

The commissioner further continued the government has seen such a pattern lately that engages uniformed personnel to carry out spurious orders even without carrying proper notice or paperwork to deny market women of the means of their livelihood and such things will not be tolerated as it is act of illegality.

The government will be finding such developers and local government officials to protect the interest of hard working traders.

He said, “The current administration in the state is committed to the socio-economic empowerment of the people and has formulated policies and taken measures that would guarantee their economic well-being.”

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