Liberia President Urges For Peaceful Elections In October

Liberia is scheduled for third presidential and general elections on October 10 and amid the start of campaigning by candidates the president has urged the countrymen for peaceful voting.

Among the top candidates are vice president Joseph Nyumah Boakai and former soccer star George Weah, who is a senator and lost the 2011 vice president election. He also was unable to make his way to the president chair in 2005 and this is his second attempt to become the president of Liberia.

The country was under 14 years of civil war that took lives of more than a quarter of a million people. The violence and internal disturbances ended in 2003.

Sirleaf’s supporters are campaigning on peace point citing throughout her time the country was peaceful without any significant violence.

Last year she said, “If building roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, etc., is nothing, I love to see those nothings.”

However, anxiety is high over who will become the next president of the country. It is also not to forget a repeat candidate Prince Johnson, who was once a rebel leader, and lone female presidential candidate, human rights activist MacDella Cooper. In her campaign she has talked of reducing her salary to $1 a year after becoming president.

Jewel Taylor, ex-wife of former President Charles Taylor, too is in the run. Mr Taylor is former Liberian leader and was even convicted of crimes against humanity for his involvement of violence in neighboring Sierra Leone. It is doubtful whether Mrs Taylor will win the election.

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