Libya – Gaddafi’s Son To Run For Presidential Elections

Son of former Libyan leader Muhammar Gaddafi will be contesting for next year’s presidential elections, said family spokesperson Basem al-Hashimi al-Soul on Wednesday.

The Libyan Tribal Chief further added Saif al-Islam has both the credentials as well as support to end the chaos in the country since 2011 when his father was overthrown.

Al-Soul mentioned Gaddafi’s son has support of major tribes in the country and so he will be contesting the upcoming Libyan presidential elections.

Libya currently is grappled with insecurity as the country is not united and different parts are being controlled by different factions. Gaddafi’s son keeps the hope to bring stability in the country and restore peace after becoming the head of the country.

Elections may be held in mid of next year, as hinted by the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), which is backed by the United Nations.

GNA foreign minister Mohamed Siala said the elections is hoped to be held in min-2018. The country went into elections last time in 2014 but the results were disputed and the divisions of the country further deepened.

Saif Al-Islam was in captivity for about six years, since November 2011, by a militia group in Zintan following the fall of his father’s regime. He was released earlier this year in June.

The UN Libya mission has acknowledged political and legislative challenges as well as complex security in the country to organize upcoming presidential elections.

Meanwhile, Saif Al-Islam is wanted by the ICC following his release in June.