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Life Is Opposite In US And Congo: Refugee Mwibeleca Amuri

Mwibeleca Amuri, a refugee from Congo, fled from his country due to war and political turmoil in 1997 to Tanzania where he met and married his wife. Both together has five children and the oldest is now 18-year-old.

Last year in September he resettled in San Diego and recalls his struggles to welcome peace in his life. He is 39 now.

He is one of the newcomer refugees who have come under tight scrutiny under Donald Trump administration. Currently he is learning English as communication in the United States has become tough for him unless the other person understands Swahili, French or Ebembe, which are his tribe’s language. He is also worrying about finding work for him and earn enough to pay the basic monthly bills.

Apart from all these, Amuri is also trying to adjust to American customs and culture like he does not know driving and there is no booklets made available by California Department of Motor Vehicles in any of his tribe’s languages. He adds it is difficult to find a job without a car.

Even though there are challenges in his daily life, but he is excited to have the opportunity for his children who can get educations in such a country where peace is the norm and where people dream of coming.

Amuri said the first day he stepped into US he felt good and life is here just opposite to what he has lived.

He added being grateful to the country that adopted his family and it is by the grace of God he was chosen instead of another family.

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