Magufuli Cancels Union Day Celebrations To Use Fund For Road Construction

Dar es Salaam – Union Day celebrations have been cancelled by the newly elected President rationalizing the spending of about one million US dollars could be used for a road project.

President John Magufuli said a road stretch from Mwanza Airport to city center would be expanded with the money saved by cancelling the celebrations.

After the completion of road project traffic jams would be eased in Mwanza city settled on the shores of Lake Victoria.

In a released statement for press and other media houses the president said the money otherwise would be used for purchasing drinks and foods for all those who are involved in the celebrations.

The Union Day celebrations are to be held on April 26 and it marks the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964. Today, the union is named as United Republic of Tanzania.

Magufuli took the office last year in October after winning the presidential election. He cancelled the Independence Day celebration on December 9 that would have cost the government around two million US dollars. The saved money was used to build up a 4.3 km road section in Dar es Salaam.

On December 1 he cancelled World AIDS Day celebrations saying it was an unnecessary government spending. He diverted the saved funds in purchasing drugs.

Isn’t the president is taking good decisions in a country where people are poor and money is required to improve the living standards. Do share your views with us and fellow readers about the latest step of Magufuli in the below given comment box.

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