IGP Ernest Mangu

Magufuli Sacks IGP Ernest Mangu, Simon Sirro Takes Charge

President John Magufuli sacked inspector general of police (IGP) Ernest Mangu on Sunday and it is learned from a statement by Directorate of Presidential Communication that he would be assigned other duties.

Dar es Salaam Police Special Zone Police Commander Simon Sirro has replaced him and he will be sworn in on Monday.

The president is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Two days ago Magufuli’s political party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) urged the government to take major steps in ending ongoing killings of innocent people in the some places of Rufiji, Kibiti and Mkuranga.

The Ideology and Publicity Secretary Humphrey Polepole the move must be taken by the government to end the fear and uncertainty too among the people in the coastal region in the three districts, some 131 km away from Dar es Salaam.

Armed gangs started killings in the three districts in 2015 and more than 30 people have been victims to it including police officers as well as local politicians.

He added, “We have keenly been following up on the grisly killings in the three districts. It is high time the ruling party intervened to stop losing more innocent people.”

Meanwhile, the security in the region has been tightened even though killers have not been stopped. Seven police officers were killed earlier this year in April while they were on the way back to camp following patrolling.

Minister for Home Affairs Mwigulu Nchemba said the government is planning to come up with a special police zone in Kibiti.

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