Magufuli Suspends Dar Es Salaam City Director

Dar es Salaam – Tanzanian President John Magufuli is known for taking some tough steps against corruption and this time he has suspended the appointment of Dar es Salaam City Director Wilson Kabwe.

It is reported the director malpracticed his office when opening the Kigamboni Bridge.

The Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC) Paul Makonda allege Kabwe denied a levy of 3.0bn to the Dar city council. The money was to be realized from Ubungo Bus Stand.

Makonda added the director didn’t use the 2009 bylaw that levy 8,000 per bus. Instead he used 2004 bylaw that levied 4,000 per bus.

It is also said the director extended too the expired contract of Parking System that was to end in 2015 instead of announcing for a new tender.

Magufuli called Makonda to the podium when inaugurating the new bridge and asked what to do with the city director for doing all the office abuse.

The gathering at the event told to the president to order a fresh investigation and the director must face the law if found guilty.

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