Magufuli, Uhuru Launches Nairobi Southern Bypass Built With China’s Support

Tanzanian and Kenyan Presidents John Magufuli and Uhuru Kenyatta respectively launched Tuesday jointly a bypass in the south of Nairobi with most of the funding coming from China.

Dubbed as Nairobi southern bypass, the China Road and Bridge Corporation carried out the work and 85 percent of the funding came from China’s Exim Bank.

The China Road and Bridge Corporation is also building a modern railway line in Kenya.

Kenyatta said the new bypass will offer a good solution to traffic congestion in the capital. It is 28 km long and links two major highways.

The bypass will offer a relief from congestion caused by trucks coming from port of Mombasa in the central business district of Nairobi. It will also unleash economic as well as social benefits to the eastern African region and in particular to the country.

The Kenyan President said, “The Nairobi southern bypass will create new economic opportunities along its route. It will boost regional integration through faster movement of people and goods.”

Presidents of both the countries lauded financial and tech support of China and said cooperation would be strengthened with China.

Magufuli hailed the contribution to infrastructure development done by China.

He is presently the chairman of East African Community and said China has helped them with financial resources to build up good road network in the region and they look forward to fruitful engagement with the country while the region embark on economic renewal path.

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