Magufuli’s Visit To Kenya May Improve Ties

Tanzanian President John Magufuli will be on a visit to Kenya on Monday and Nairobi is expected to roll out the red carpet to initiate resetting relations with Dar es Salaam. It is learned the top agenda of the meet would be trade relations between two neighbors.

Lately ties between the two countries have been strained due to several high-profile incidents and the most remarkable one was Magufuli’s absence at the Tokyo International Conference on African Development held in Nairobi.

Since Magufuli came to power last year in October he has just traveled to Rwanda and Uganda.

Earlier this year in July the country had also talked about not signing Economic Partnership Agreement between East African Community and European Union.

The deal was considered as a landmark and to give regional states quota-free and duty-free market access to the EU.

The two East African giant also were involved in a trade row last year after a van on Kenyan tour vans from accessing Tanzanian parks.

Kenya reacted by barring Dar es Salaam buses too from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The relationships further deteriorated when passports of Kenyan officials were confiscated by Tanzanian authorities. The Kenyans were in Tanga with a team of Ugandan officials. They were working on a proposed route for crude oil pipeline. They were not given access to the port. Uganda wanted building up the pipeline through Tanzania instead of Kenya.

Apart from all these, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda wanted to form a partnership outside the East African Community. It is nicknaked named CoW (Coalition of the Willing).

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