Malinyi Distrcit housing shortage

Malinyi District Suffering From Housing Shortage For Civil Staff

There’s an acute shortage of houses for civil servants in the Malinyi District and the latest victim to it is district commissioner, who is living in a rented missionary house.

Malinyi district executive director (DED) Mercelin Ndimbwa said Thursday accommodation for staff members is a major issue in the area even though they have been given Sh500 million for the construction of houses.

He added soon they will be surveying about 600 plots where the new houses can be built.

DED continued saying that funds have also been given for the construction of a district council building and by July they may start the construction of it.

Ndimbwa further said operation is challenged too as Mahenge is far from Malinyi and so most of the district staff members are unable to report on time.

He mentioned the district is also addressing to the health and education challenges in the area that consists of 33 villages and ten wards.

He said there are only three dispensaries in the district and currently just one health centre is operational. So, they have plan of constructing four new health centres by the end of 2017 and seven classrooms out of thirteen planned.

Until now they have constructed 28 latrines at several schools of primary as well as secondary levels.

Tanzania has a total of 169 districts and each is administered by a district council. The most populated districts are Kinondoni Municipal Council, Temeke Municipal Council and Ilala Municipal Council. All the three are in the Dar es Salaam region.

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