Man Disguised As REA Manager Thugs Same Villagers Promosing Electricity

Same – Several people in Masandare village in Same District of Kilimanjaro are reported to have lost millions to a disguised REA manager for the district.

It is said residents from eleven households trusted a person who identified himself as the manager as the villagers have been desperately waiting about a year for the REA programme.

Initially, the promised REA electricity didn’t reach the Same District and hence the man was readily believed when he said was a Tanesco worker.

The villagers paid in total 8,760,000/- to the man and received a card that pointed to get electricty.

Chairman Iboru Nyongora said speaking on behalf of the villagers they were later said it was a pastoral village and hence does not deserve to get electricity.

The man had appeared earlier this month and said to be the manager of Tanesco Same District. He listened to te villagers and the complains over lack of electricity. He said to have come to the village to solve the problem. He even showed his identification Card.

He collected the contribution of villagers and demanded more money to be sent through MPESA the following day.

He added District Commissioner would launch the project and as he is out of the office, he would come again to the village with moeny receipt.

Later Nyongora noticed a misunderstanding in conversation and decided to reach out to Tanesco offices in the area.

It was discovered they has been conned. The matter has been reported to police.

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