Mozambique Bans Zimbabwean Poultry Import As Measures Against Avian Flu Outbreak

Mozambique has temporarily banned import of all the birds and their derivatives from Zimbabwe following avian flu outbreak in the Zimbabwean province of Mashonaland East.

The Zimbabwean authorities have destroyed about 715,500 chickens as a necessary measure.

National Veterinary Directive (DINAV) of Mozambique announced the ban lately saying it covers domestic poultry, day old chicks, wild birds, hatching eggs, fresh meat from birds and all the derivatives that are used in animal feed.

The Zimbabwean avian flu outbreak was notified on Thursday to Mozambique authorities.

Avian flu has several strains and the current one is said to be most damaging type. It is known as H5N8 and it is highly contagious as well as lethal too. The mortality rate is 100 percent.

Mozambique authorities said the virus has the potentiality of getting transmitted from one farm to another through contaminated vehicles, equipment, clothing and chicken feed. The transmission is also common through wild birds.

National Veterinary Director Americo Conceicao said the country is stepping up vigilance in the poultry producers’ facilities and the owners of farms are urged to notify the authorities of mortality cases immediately.

He added the poultry producers are also urged to notify the authorities if they notice problems with the birds like breathing or nervous system.

Meanwhile, outsiders are completely banned to enter the poultry farms as they may unwittingly carry the disease from one place to another.

Until now no H5N8 cases have been seen in humans in the country and measures have been taken to avoid risks of contamination.

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