“Mythical Monster” captured in Philippines

Philippine troops captured something that appears like a giant bat, and even look at him creates a massive horror, especially for those who had the chance to see it fly across the sky. 

It is a mythical beast “Chupacabra”, which feeds on the blood of animals, at least that is what myths and legends say. Scientific explanation is very simple: it is a flying fox (Pteropus), a type of megabats.

The giant bat caught by the Philippines Army was spreading fear among the population. Even military personnel could not believe what a monster is flying across the sky.

Judging by the local media reports this creature was, to put it mildly, terrified all of those who had a chance to see it.

Local people call it “Chupacabra”, which is equivalent for mythical animal of South America.

The myth of the existence of Chupacabra is from Puerto Rico, but over the years has spread to other countries in Central and South America, such as Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru.

There is also a scientific explanation – it is a huge bat, endangered species known as giant flying fox. He lives in the forests of Indonesia and the Philippines.

There are very few of them left, because of the killings and destruction of their natural habitats, so it is hard to see them  in nature.

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