Newest Version Of Google Earth Offers 360 Degree View, HD Imagery

Google has just rolled out a new version of its Google Earth and the primary feature to look at is its sweeping 360 degree views. Now internet users can explore the entire planet in 3D, even the intricacies of hidden cities from the comfort of their living room.

New immersive content has also been introduced in the newest version of Google Earth so that with just a click of a button one can partake in an adventure.

It is learned documentarians and scientists have worked together in curating the digital tours with the Voyager interface. They have come up with some high quality videos as well as unique interviews to help giving personal insight about the land or location.

Some of the videos are made available with the collaboration of BBC’s Planet Earth.

Meanwhile, Google says “I’m feeling lucky” feature too has been updated lately added with 20,ooo different “hidden gems.”

With the update users also don’t need to specify any exact location to search something, but typing ‘capital of South Africa’ will be enough to reach to a destination.

Sharing feature has become rich and now friends and family members can share the digital adventure smoothly with the online postcard that links all to exact location.

Even though the 3D feature is a primary focus of the newest Google Earth update, but the search engine has also introduced HD imagery to help users get unprecedented levels of detail in a landscape or also to the man-made architecture like monuments and bridges.

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