Nigeria Needs Restructuring To Move Forward

Nigeria needs restructuring and only then the country can move forward, said Dayo Fafunmi, Lagos State House of Assembly Committee on Environment.

Fafunmi added that Nigerians should embrace the call for restructuring the nation and this is the surest way to move forward and Nigeria could become a great country that all the Blacks will be proud of.

Fafunmi was speaking against the backdrop of Nigeria’s 57th independence anniversary and recalled the sacrifice of Nigerians in the freedom struggle.

He added that all the people in the country should secure the future of next generation.

He continued that it is better to look what the country has achieved in past more than 50 years after gaining independence and so it is imperative to consider restructuring.

Fafunmi mentioned, “States in the country want decentralization and more power to them. However, to ensure adequate growth for Nigeria and to maintain her status as a united country, restructuring must take place.”

He further said several regions in the country were disadvantaged during the military era like Kono was created almost at the same time when Lagos was formed with 44 and 20 local government areas respectively. This mean Kono gets more allocation from federation account compared to Lagos State despite its population is more.

He continued Lagos is commercial nerve centre of Nigeria and impact of it on the nation’s gross domestic product cannot be overemphasized. The state requires special status as it is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It plays key role in the economy of Nigeria.

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