Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari Urges Ministers To Meet Acting President

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has learned a good lesson from past and so has restricted his access to only three aides in a London room. Even his ministers and government officials are not allowed to visit him.

Buhari is currently in London under a health vacation for medical checkup and Professor Yemi Osinbajo is the acting president in Nigeria.

He rejected yesterday signing of files and documents brought by ministers and officials in UK urging them to seek the approval of Acting President as his government has just one presidency and division to it will not be tolerated.

It is learned all the affected government functionaries were asked to take issues to Osinbajo. He refused to see such officials who gathered with files for his signatures.

One of the delegations is learned to have visited London to take signatures on the 2017 Budget. However, after returning to Nigeria he approached the Acting President Osinbajo.

A source said the president is trying to stick to one presidency as much as possible and refused to see ministers and officials and also returned files and documents who went to London for his approval.

It is further learned Buhari has given instructions that all necessary decisions should be taken by Osinbajo and he does not want a divided government.

The source added Buhari is in regular touch with Osinbajo.

Meanwhile, there’s been wide controversy in the country over his meeting with First Lady in London, but his aids confirm there are evidence she went to meet just her husband, without any encumbrances.

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