Nigerian Prisons

Nigerian Prisons Overcrowded, Poorly Maintained

Prisons in Nigeria are in urgent need of funding to achieve major objectives and ensure greater efficiency, said Controller General of Prisons, Nigerian Prisons Service, Jafaru Ahmed.

During the maiden visit of the Vice Chancellor, Covenant University, Ota, Prof. Aderemi Atayero, Admed added the prisons are inadequate compared to the global standard.

He further said that high number of inmates is waiting trials and this has made the prisons more congested. More to this, the facilities available in the Nigerian prisons are obsolete and also overstretched. Funding is required to overcome such situations.

Due to lack of fund the prisons are unable to employ enough psychological literate officers to help the inmates to have positive impact in their lives.

The prisons are also overly populated due to the present programme of LASG under which raids are conducted on daily basis and people found even with minor offences are put behind the bars.

Prof Ateyero added the ONESIMUS Project (Life Recovery Pre-Release Empowerment Programme) is all about empowering life and in near future it will be replicated across other prisons in Nigeria.

He continued that the Information, Communication Technologies, ICT will be leveraged to physically use same manpower in achieving the goal.

The capacity of prison he visited is 1,200, but there are currently 3,600 resident inmates, which is a good volume and means things are not proper.

Professor said the government need to do something immediate to avoid such overcrowding of the prisons in the country and improve the lives of inmates.

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