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Opposition MP Faces Arrest Over Allegations To Have Insulted President

Member of Parliament from opposition party in Tanzania faces arrest after allegedly insulting President John Magufuli.

Halima Mdee criticized viciously the president’s decision on teenage mums. She used abusive language against him.

She also condemned the ban of teenage mothers from schooling even after giving birth to the baby calling it archaic and unconstitutional.

In Tanzania using abusive language against the president is a crime and leads to immediate arrest and interrogation.

The arrest order is made by Kinondoni District Commisssioner Ally Hapy. He said, “I instruct Halima Mdee to be arrested by the police and detained for 48 hours, interrogated and prosecuted over her insults against our president.”

Literacy data reveals one among four females in the country is illiterate and amid such situation the ban on pregnant schoolgirls from entering school makes lives of girls even worse.

Widespread criticisms have come up from corners of the country for Magufuli following his recent comment that pregnant girls should not be allowed to return to school.

Addressing to a rally last week the president said, “In my administration, as long as I am president… no pregnant student will be allowed to return to school. We cannot allow this immoral behavior to permeate our primary and secondary schools… never.”

Meanwhile, several nonprofit organizations released a joint statement thereafter saying if the girls are denied to get back to school after giving birth would mean punishing them, their younger ones and of course to the nation jointly.

The statement further read that education to the girls benefits them socially and economically.

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