Is Oscar Pistorius Trying Suicide At Kgosi Mampuru Prison?

Last week it was wrist injuries and now he is on a suicide watch in jail South African jail even though repeated denial of any attempt to commit such act.

Oscar Pistorius is currently serving a six year prison sentence for being convicted of murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Last week, his wrists were found slashed inside the Kgosi Mampuru Prison and he was rushed to hospital. Searching his cell the authorities found blades and is believed to have committed suicide.

Pistorius denied and said he had fallen out of bed.

It is learned the disgraced Paralympian had filed a complaint against three nurses at the prison alleging they are trying to kill him by giving toxic medication.

Warders were immediately called Saturday after the wrist injuries. He was taken to nearby hospital by prison medical team where he was treated in the presence of heavy guard. By the evening he was discharged and was sent back to prison.

According to the City Press newspaper, the athlete was taken to the hospital bleeding heavily from bad cuts on wrists and doctors had to wrap bandages around.

Prison spokesman Manelisi Wolela said Pistorius had minor wrist injuries and he has denied speculations of a suicide attempt.

Brother of Pistorius said speculation of suicide is completely untrue.

He added, “I know that there are reports saying he had tried to injure himself – they are completely untrue and sensational. He slipped in his cell and injured himself, nothing serious.”

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