PAP, IPTL Together Demands Apology From Mwanahalisi Tabloid For Malicious Article

Dar es Salaam – Pan African Power Solutions Tanzania Limited (PAP) and the Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) have demanded an apology from Mwanahalisi weekly tabloid for publishing a defamatory article.

Acting Executive Chairman of the two companies Joseph Makandege said the article was malicious, false and contained bad motive of creating mistrust for them with the government and people.

Makandege added fourteen days have been given to the publication house to publish an apology and retract the article. If not, they will take legal and punitive actions against the tabloid.

Makandege is also Chief Legal Counsel and Company Secretary of the two companies. He mentioned the article linked government officials and others with bribery allegations.

The objectionable article was published on March 28 this year in the issue number 332 carrying a title as “Siri za Kkwete, IPTL zafichuka.”

Makandege meanwhile has also requested the law enforcement agencies to take action against the editor as the article is also intended to create disharmony to the society.

He said the companies would not keep quiet as the allegations are highly serious and he has also invited members of public with good evidence to report to authorities for further taking legal actions against the publication house.

He explained, “We believe on the rule of law, which recognises justice to everyone. So we will not remain quite on illegal actions aimed at mudslinging our companies done by some media organs under the pretext of freedom of expression.”

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